Sink Installation

Kitchen, Bathroom, & Laundry.

Kitchen and Bathroom sinks Installations are a specialty at Schleman Plumbing in Tampa. There are many different kinds of sinks for your home and Schleman Plumbing can help you with all of them. French farmhouse sinks, vintage sinks, period sinks. We can help you with all of your ideas. If you're re-creating your dream kitchen, we can help. Just make sure to keep modern plumbing in your kitchen plans. If your kitchen designer doesn't; invite the designer of the kitchen that recommends old fashion wood countertops and a single deep bowl single over to your house when it's time to clean-up and get out of the kitchen!

We Install and Replace sinks for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. Here are some suggestions for functional and beautiful sinks and information about each different kind of sink. You'll be amazed at the different shapes, sizes, and materials like stainless steel, ceramic, fiberglass, granite, and concrete sinks available to you right now.

Double-bowl sinks are the most common. We tell all our customers that with a garbage disposal on one side and the second sink side of the sink is filled with water, it weighs over 100 pounds. Our experienced plumbers in Tampa will use high strength epoxies and silicone caulk, and they will glue metal anchors under the stone in case of a sink replacement with granite countertops. We use two part epoxies whenever we replace under mount sinks in your home. With a well-done sink installation, you'll get years of worry free service and no leaks in your sink.

Single Bowl sinks are sinks with one bowl instead of two and all the rules for installation of sinks apply. There are advantages and disadvantages with single bowl sinks. If you wash a large amount of dishes like in a restaurant then these will work great. However, you may miss the convenience of a double bowl sink if your sink is going too be used in your home.

Triple Bowl sinks offer the most convenience and many different options when you're preparing and cooking meals, but there are some plumbing considerations to keep in mind when using a garbage disposal in Triple bowl sinks. Triple bowl sinks are about 40 inches long and come in stainless and ceramic with many different sizes and bowl shapes.

Bar sinks, or sinks for wet bars, will save you trips to the kitchen if you're entertaining in your family room and you're serving drinks or need to rinse glasses. Once again there are many shapes, sizes of bar sinks, and materials available to match any decor or special needs you may have in your home.

Laundry room sinks: There are always things too large or maybe too dirty to wash in the sink in your kitchen or bathroom. Take a look at all the great sinks and accessories available to you for your home and our experienced plumbers in Tampa can install these sinks and any accessories you may need right away.

Does Schleman have referrals? Absolutely! We've been in business since 1955 and have an A+ record with the BBB in Tampa. We'll also provide you with the names and phone numbers of our previous customers.

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